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Our lighting systems will "WOW" your customers giving them something to talk about.  LED & intelligent lighting can form the base for your entire light show.  It will be one of the most noticeable parts of your show and can easily be reprogrammed to keep the look fresh. 



Today's youth market is exposed to video constantly.  Music television, retail stores, concerts and now, even their cell phones show video.  Take this media and expand it to a new level with floor to ceiling video in your entertainment facility. 




Our sound system packages are the result of our many years of experience in not only providing sound systems for hundreds of skating centers but also from using these products in our very own skating center.  This gives us unique ability to design and provide exactly the system you need.



Audio Lite systems are designed to excite and entertain wile being reliable and easy to use.  We will work within your budget to produce systems that will give years of service. 


To see and hear our work just give us a call.  We probably have a completed project in a rink near you!

Building Beautiful Rinks for over 40 years!


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