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Fog Fluid


The only fog fluid we sell today is our own Audio Lite Premium Fog Fluid.  The price per gallon is $29.95, case of four is $99.00.  Our fog fluid is formulated just for us and shipped direct to us from the chemical company on 144 gallon pallets.  Most brands of fog fluid go from the chemical company to the big name lighting manufacturer and then to the dealer.  That means that the fluid is older and has more freight cost built in.

Fog fluid has a definite shelf life.  If you have ever used fluid that has a bad odor you probably had old fluid.  Just as a general guideline, don't order more than a one year supply.  Our fluid is formulated when we order it and shipped to us in about three days.  We order several times a year so your fluid is guaranteed to be fresh when you get it.

You can buy fog fluid for about any price you want to pay.  That is because the major component of water based fog fluid is water (duh).  The higher the concentration of water, the cheaper the fluid.  Contaminants in that water can clog your heat exchanger.  A clogged heat exchanger is so expensive to replace that it often makes more sense to replace the fogger.  Many of the "Big Name" fluids use tap water.  You don't need chlorine to make fog!  We use de-ionized water, the purest form of water known.  We also have a more concentrated formula than many brands so you will use less fluid and your total cost will be less.

In our own skating center, we have a High End Systems F-100 fogger that was installed in 1992.  It has the original pump and heater,  In fact, it has never been serviced or cleaned in any way.  It has been fed a steady diet of Audio Lite Premium fog fluid.    



Replacement Lamps


We constantly search for long-life versions of the lamps you use.  In most cases, we already have replacements
for any problem lamps you have.  The ELC is rated at 50 hours but we have a 700 hour version.  Just give us a
call and let us show you how to cut your lamp replacement expense.  Better yet, ask about replacement fixtures
that use a 100,000 hour LED light source that uses 90% less energy and produces virtually no heat!

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