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Patty Ortega
Office Manager

Patty is the go-to person for just about anything.  She began working for Audio Lite 17 years ago and overseeing the office operations.  She will likely be the person that answers the phone when you call.  She assists in the day to day operations of the owner's roller rink as well so has the knowledge to answer most questions you may have if going into the roller rink business.  If you need to place an order or just have a question... she can usually take care of you!  


Patty has been married for 18 years and has 2 boys, ages 17 and 12.  They keep her very busy with their involvement in sports. 


Audio Lite was established in 1971 by a rink owner who wasn't satisfied with the lighting products available and started building his own.  Today, more than 44 years later, that same rink owner is still at the helm and building sound, light and video systems for skating centers all over the United States.  Audio Lite is the "go-to" company today for sound, light and video system design for the entertainment industry. We specialize in design for roller skating rinks as well as churches, auditoriums, conference rooms and much more.
Terry Maxfield
Founder and Principal
Cody Maxfield
Sales & Project Manager

Cody has traveled installing his custom designed sound, light and/or video systems in roller rinks all over the nation.  He began designing and installing systems for roller rinks, churches, conference rooms and much more 8 years ago.  When he's not out installing he is designing and researching the latest technology available today in the industry.  He worked for many years prior to design and sales on repairs for the company. His knowledge and expertise always results in customer satisfaction.

Cody has been married for 6 years and has a 3 year old son to keep him on his toes!  He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family.

Terry is the rink owner that  wasn't satisfied with the lighting products available in the industry and began building his own.  He is still buidling sound, light and video systems for skating centers all over the U.S.  that he tests in his very own roller rink to ensure reliability and satisfaction in the industry.  When he is not designing a new system he is usually repairing Litelab products.  He is the only person in nation trained and qualified for such and only person who owns the schematics to do so.  

Terry has been married for 45 years, has 3 children & 3 grandchildren.  His son, Kelly, has taken over his roller rink operations and his son, Cody, is his right hand man with Audio Lite.  His third son is a neurologist.  He enjoys spending time with his boys and their families.


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