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Fort Knox, KY


Audio Lite was proud to be selected to design and install the lighting and sound systems at the Ft. Knox Military Base when they converted an existing building into a skating center.  After seeing the building prints and discovering the intricate design of the 3" x 14" beams, we knew we had to make that the base of the light show.  We illuminated the beams with 32 - 120w RGBW LED flood lights on a dedicated controller.  The combination of the wood beams, shadows and brightly colored LED lighting create an exciting show.  The light reflecting from the ceiling provides ample ambient lighting for the skating floor.  Two centerpieces each have six moving mirrors. The light source in each is a 1200 watt discharge lamp producing extremely robust moving beams that cover the floors and the walls.  The beams of light are highlighted by a professional fog machine and Audio Lite's exclusive fog distribution system.

The sound system features 10 full range Electro-Voice speakers and 4 dual 18" EV tour grade subwoofers.  Power is from QSC Power Light and PLX amplifiers and totals over 16,000 watts.  Digital signal processing is dbx and mixing is Allen & Heath.  Needless to say, the amount of clean, clear audio attainable is massive.

Horn Lake, MS


When the owners of Skate Odyssey in Horn Lake, MS (a suburb of Memphis, TN) decided to upgrade their light show, they removed all of their existing fixtures to give us a clean slate to work with.  We provided and installed a 45' diameter circular 12" box truss with four 16.5' spokes.  Ambient lighting is provided by twelve extremely bright, color-changing LED down lights that can be static or chase or strobe.  The operator can make the skating floor any color desired.  The effect lighting includes eight 350mW, 3-D, multi-colored lasers, eight high power moving heads and many bright LED spots to illuminate the truss structure.  Also added were four color changing, 75 watt LED spot lights to illumiate an existing mirror ball cluster.  The atmosphere is enhanced with a professional fog machine and the fog is piped over the area with Audio Lite's exclusive Fog Distribution System which provides even coverage.  Controlled by Martin Light Jockey, the change to the facility is stunning.  All lighting fixtures, including the ambient lighting, are LED.

Audio Lite can design a sound, light and/or video system for any application.  We have specialized in Roller Rinks all over the nation for over 40 years as well as churches, auditoriums and conference rooms.


Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY 


Audio Lite was proud to be selected to design and install the sound system for a new outdoor skating center on Pier 2 next to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.  The challenges were many.  The skaters would expect high quality, high volume music while the high-end condos across the street would not tolerate it.  The speakers must be permanently installed in an outdoor environment subject to everything from snow to storm driven salt spray.  After much research, we selected speakers from One Systems.  The speaker is basically a compact, 3 element, 12" vertical array where the top 12” incorporates a coaxially mounted large format compression driver.  They were designed to produce very high SPL vocal range content with very high intelligibility.  The two subwoofers are Electro-Voice dual 15" weatherized speakers.  Most audio processing is handled by a dbx DriveRack PA+ and a dbx Compressor Limiter Gate is used to keep the volume within park limits.  The power is from six QSC amplifiers capable of 12,000 watts. 

Fort Dodge, IA


Fort Frenzy is a large entertainment complex that features an arcade, bumper boats, go carts, laser tag, mini bowling, mini golf, skating, bumper cars, water wars and a toddler area.  They are also set up to host meetings and weddings on the skating floor.  We provided the sound system, light show and twin screen video system.


The sound system consists of 8 EV Zx4 speakers and 4 EVF 1181S subs all powered by QSC PLX amplifiers.  Processing is dbx and mixing is Allen & Heath.  The light show is mostly Blizaard including 54 Q12A LED Pucks, 30 CSI Extreme UV Pucks, 8 Torrent F3 moving yokes and 8 Rayguns illuminating 2 large mirrored ball clusters.  Fog is provide by an Antari M-5 and distributed by an Audio Lite fog distribution system.


The video system included 2 Boxlight Boston X40N projectors.  Video scaling, switching and transmission are all by Extron.

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