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The sky is the limit.  Our vision is your vision.


The two most basic needs of people who attend a worship service are to see and hear.  To help them see, we offer a variety of LED lighting which will enhance the appearance of your altar/performance area while lowering your energy use.  We also offer large screen video systems that can eliminate the need for hymn books and also enable the viewer to see the person speaking more clearly.


To enable your members and guests to hear better, we offer two services.  The first is corrective acoustic room treatment.  We are equipped and trained to very accurately measure the way sound reacts to your worship space and then recommend ways to improve it so that your spoken word will be more easily understood.  We also offer complete sound reinforcement design and installation.  We represent internationally respected brands such as Crown, Electro-Voice, Rane, JBL Professional, QSC and many others.  Let us help you make your worship space the best it can be!



Big or small, Audio Lite is ready to design a sound and/or video system for your conference room.  Our design team can simply upgrade your existing system or design you a new conference room AV system.  Our systems use cutting edge technology. 


Audio Lite can work with any budget.  We are authorized resellers for many different lines of commercial AV products.  We strive to include only high quality products in our system designs.



Create a lasting impression on your customers.   Make sure they go to school on Monday talking about what they saw and heard in your skating center.   You've done all the hard work;  made sure the paint was fresh, the carpet attractive and the rental skates ready.  Now, let's get to the exciting part; sound, lighting and video.  

Nothing you do will create as much of a lasting impression then will these 3 items.  Our systems are designed to excite and entertain while being reliable and easy to use.  We will work within your budget to produce systems that will give years of service.  


Audio Lite is not limited in the type of project it can design.  Whether it is an indoor or outdoor project, big or small, we will gladly custom design a sound, light and/or video system to meet your needs!

Terry Maxfield, President & Project Manager

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