Create a lasting impression on your customers.  Make
sure they go to school on Monday talking about what
they saw and heard in your skating center.  You've
done all the hard work; made sure the paint was fresh,
the carpet attractive and the rental skates ready.  Now,
let's get to the exciting part; sound, lighting and video.  
Nothing you do will create as much of a lasting
impression then will these three items.
Audio Lite systems are designed to excite and
entertain while being reliable and easy to use.  We will
work within your budget to produce systems that will
give years of service.  To see and hear our work just
give us a call.  We probably have a completed project
in a rink near you.  
Building Beautiful Rinks
for Over 40 Years!
Fast Tracks Skating Center, Pigeon Forge, TN.  Lighting includes Robe Clubscan 250s, Martin Mania EFX
700s and 600s, distributed fog package and Audio Lite custom mirrored globe clusters with 250w color
changing spots.  Click on photo for full screen view.
LED Ambient Lighting.  Create an exciting light show with the American
DJ Mega Pixel.  You can light the soffit and and have an even glow
around the skating floor or directly light your floor for a high impact
look!  Never change a bulb because LEDs last 100,000 hours!
Cover any boring wall with intense LED lighting with the American DJ
Revo 4.  This video shows over 700 square feet covered with
seamless LED lighting.  The Revo 4 projects a square pattern so to
figure out how may you would need take the width of your wall and
divide by the height of your projection area.  Call us with any
questions, we are here to help!
Do you have the need for the biggest and brightest centerpiece
currently made?  Of course you do,  this is the Robe Dominator and
it is here to take over your light show.  A 1200 watt discharge lamp is
the muscle behind the behemoth (equivalent in brightness to 8,500
watts of incandescent lighting).  This is truly a plug and play light
The very successful Revo III on the back wall with floor to ceiling music
videos and high power green lasers.  Exciting new lighting will keep
your customers happy.